Mike E’s Top Ten of 2010


Mike E’s Top Ten of 2010

About a week or so back we did a readers poll of the top 10 of 2010, well. . . . I couldn’t keep my opinions to myself. So, with further ado here is my top 10:

10. Against Me – “White Crosses”

9. GBH – “Perfume and Piss”
Great political punk rock that everyone should check out!

8. Bad Religion – “30 Years Live”
I know some bell-end is going to bitch that I chose a live album, but guess what? I like it, so it’s on my list, chucklehead!

7. OFF!- “EP”

6. Johnny Cash – “American VI: Ain’t No Grave”
Ole JR should probably sit at number one, but I couldn’t put all the albums at number one, so . . .

5. Volbeat – “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”
These guys from Denmark are hard to classify, death metal, rockabilly, and street punk all on the same album, all together you have a kick-ass album.

4. Joey Briggs – “Politics, Touring & Self Loathing EP”
A very clever, and original EP, it reminds you of The Briggs, but it’s also very different from The Briggs, go figure . . .

3. Your Arsenal – “Demo”
Great choruses and great vocals, shoot . . . it’s a great band.

2. Symbol Six – “Monsters 11”
Over the years I’ve had many, many albums given to me with the instruction “Give it another listen, it gets better.” I didn’t receive that instruction this time, but every time I listen to this album I like it more and more.

1. Street Dogs – “Street Dogs”
Street Dogs add one more passionate working class punk album to their already impressive catalog, fist-pumping sing-along, what more do you need?

Honorable mention: Bad Religion – The Dissent of Man, Motorhead – the World Is Yours, and Gaslight Anthem – America Slang.



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Bad Brains – Pay To Cum


Bad Brains
Pay To Cum 7″
Bad Brains Records
Released: 1980
Producer – Jimi Quidd

H.R. – vocals
Dr. Know – guitar
Darryl Jenifer – bass
Earl Hudson – drums

1. Pay to Cum (1:33)
2. Stay Close To Me (2:29)

When it comes to the Bad Brains I am definitely in the minority here, never been a fan. Whenever they would come to Los Angeles everybody, including my Uncle, would rush to see them. Over the years I’ve gotten used to them, but other than a few compilations, I never owned anything other than this single.

In December of 1979, the Bad Brains recorded their debut single (Pay To Cum/Stay Close To Me) on their Bad Brains label, in New York, which was later included on the Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation album. The band would later repress the single, and issue it without the picture sleeve (red and tan labels instead of the brown and white of the first pressing). Pay to Cum was recorded by Jimi Quidd who had heard the band play at a Club in New York.

The “A-side” to the single is Pay to Cum, while the flip side is Stay Close To Me, identified as “Side 1″. The original 7″ had no “B-side” or “Side 2″.

Pay To Cum
“I make decision with precision,
Lost inside this manned collision,
Just to see that what is to be,
Perfectly my fantasy.

I came to know with now dismay,
That in this world we all must pay,
Pay to write, pay to play,
Pay to cum, pay to fight.

And all in time,
With just our minds,
We soon will find,
What’s left behind?

Not long ago when things were slow,
We all got by with what we know,
The end is near. Hearts filled with fear,
Don’t want to listen to what they hear.

And so it’s now we choose to fight,
To stick up for our bloody right,
The right to sing, the right to dance,
The right is ours… We’ll take the chance.

A peace together,
A piece apart,
A piece of wisdom,
From our hearts.”

Rating: ** * two out of three stars

On to the story . . .

A few months ago my wife was driving home from a class. On the drive she noticed out of the corner of her eye a guy in a suit, driving a BMW, trying to get her attention. She glanced over and he is holding out his cell phone, displaying a photo of his privates (for those of you that are under-age and reading this). My wife cracked the window and hurled a few obscenities. This didn’t deter him in the least. He responded with, “Yeah, you like that?”

She sped off, cut a few corners and finally lost him. She walked in a bit frazzled and told me the story. Absolutely nothing I could do, but shake my head and wonder when and how this seemed like a good idea to guys?

I told you all that to tell you this: over the last month or so I’ve had a lot of new “friends” pop-up on my page. A number of them are women that work as pin-up models (car shows, magazines, etc) and I notice that, at least one will post daily, “I am married, I am not looking to “hook-up” please stop sending pictures of your penises.”

This floors me. The first time I saw one of these posts I, kind of, thought it was a joke. Like, “Who the hell would do this?” But now I read it daily.

So, the question is, is this a social media thing? I have a computer/cell phone so it’s easier to just show you my junk than attempting conversation? Or have men in general become more primal? The digital age flashing has become the equivalent of the caveman clubbing over the head thing?

I have never been great with the opening line thing with people I didn’t know. But it never occurred to me that whipping out a snapshot of the package was the way to go in polite society.

Whatever it is, something about seeing a woman with her hair fixed and a bit of make-up makes these primates lose their shit.

And I’m at a loss for ideas on how to fix a situation like this, short of slapping their moms for raising such vile pieces of crap. And that concludes my rant for the day.



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Strange Reaction Readers Poll – The Top 10 Albums of 2010


Strange Reaction Readers Poll
The Top 10 Albums of 2010

All right, back on December 30, 2010, we posted a call for your favorite albums of 2010. And here are the results! If you don’t like them . . . well, you should’ve voted! OFF won with a landslide vote, and then the rest came in with some strong votes. Enjoy, and vote again next year!

1. Off!: First Four EPs

2. Devo: Something For Everybody

3. La Plebe – Brazo En Brazo

4. Extortion – Loose Screw

5. The Arrivals – Volatile Molotov

6. Off With Their Heads – In Desolation

7. Sweet Cobra – Mercy EP

8. Frank Turner – Rock and Roll

9. Grinderman – Grinderman 2

10. Symbol Six – Monsters 11

On to the story . . .

Back in the late 1990′s, a bit after I got married, I was up one night, unable to sleep. I was channel-surfing at light speed. Back before cable went completely digital you could find lots great-crappy public access shows. Like the guy who sat on his chopper all night and talked about . . . actually, I don’t know what he talked about.

Anyway, this one night I’m sort of staring at the TV and not really seeing what’s on the screen. Then it clicks that I just saw some guys jumping around waving his junk around.

Yep, that’s what I said. Turns out one of these cable access shows decided to run an entire GG Allin show. So there was GG butt-naked lunging at his five audience members. Each time he’d get close to one of them they’d punch him. Then he would go towards another guy and he’d get punched again.

I’m sure which was more depressing, me watching this at 3:00 am or GG playing naked before five guys while getting punched.



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Symbol Six, Rikk Agnew, Bombay Snakes – LIVE


Symbol Six, Rikk Agnew, Bombay Snakes
Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, June 21, 2013

A week or so back when I was doing the book signing I was told that Symbol Six and Rikk Agnew were going to be playing a show/backyard party in the Valley soon, but for whatever reason I forgot.

Luckily my friend Gerry posted a picture of the start of Rikk Agnew’s set and I was able to make a call or two and get to the place just inside of 15 minutes. Caught the last part of Rikk’s set and see all of the Symbol Six and Bombay Snakes sets.

The first act of the day was the always great Rikk Agnew Band. Rikk did his regular set with songs like No Way, and Your 2 Late, and then they pause, and bring out singer Gitane Demone (former singer of Christian Death) and perform his latest track I Can’t Change The World.

Now, the second act of the afternoon, Symbol Six, one of the few bands that played back in the eighties that seem to have more young fans than the older throwback crowd.

Symbol Six’s last three or four shows they have been working as a four-piece band, which surprised me – as far back as I can remember they have been a five-piece . . . anyway, being critical guy I focused extra hard on guitarist Tony Fate’s six string work. And I hate to say I couldn’t tell the difference. He is all over the frets make that bad boy bleed.

The final band of the, now, evening was Bombay Snakes. I don’t want to say they were a pop-punk band, because that has a heavey negative connotation. So, I’ll say they were a really good punk band with a pop flair to their choruses.

If you have a chance to see any of these bands, go. You won’t have a chance to sit down, nor will you want to. All in all, a great show. The PA was good, Nubs Gutmacher had the boards under control, and I had a clear view of the bands. My overall assessment, a great afternoon.

At the end of the night I got to stand outside and talk to both Rikk Agnew and Gitane Demone. Gitane told how much she liked my book, I need to send them the second one. And I told Rikk what a great musician he is.

This is my favorite part of going to shows. Meeting and/or talking to people I grew up digging. No matter how old I get there is always this fan-boy part of me that comes out around certain people.

Fun night.



Life Won’t Wait is out now, grab a copy today: http://goo.gl/n9ofGb

The Bloody Mess Rock Circus – Mountain Rock


The Bloody Mess Rock Circus
Mountain Rock
Deathangel Absolution Records
Producer: Rikk Agnew

Bloody F. Mess – Vocals
Andy Friend – Guitar
Christopher T Baggins – Bass
Rich Psonak – Drums

01. Oregon Mountains
02. Junk Male
03. Iggy Pop Doesn’t Stage Dive Anymore
04. The Honeymoon’s Over
05. Spidarlings
06. Kali Yuga
07. O.C.D. Is Killing Me
08. Mending Fences
09. The Bluest of Blue
10. Can’t Take No More

This is an impossible album to categorize. After I listened to the first track I thought I had them figured out, Oregon Mountains has a heavy Motorhead vibe and I thought that’s what the album was going to be. But no. This album seems to have every musical genre under the sun, hardcore, Goth and metal. And along for the ride are their friends Rikk Agnew, Paul Roessler, Richie Ramone and Don Bolles.

Bloody F Mess has been singing in punk rock bands since 1983.  Based in Peoria Illinois for many, many years Bloody spent years touring the Midwest and East Coast, doing talk shows on TV, and playing with bands such as Naked Raygun, AOD, GG Allin, the Dead Milkmen and many other punk and rock bands.

In 2011 Bloody moved to Medford Oregon.  He formed the Bloody Mess Rock Circus with bass player Christopher T Baggins and guitarist Andy Friend. The band toured the United States, bringing a very high energy and chaotic stage show to every city they performed in. The band went down to Los Angeles to record the Bloody 30th Anniversary Album, Mountain Rock. Produced by Rikk Agnew of Christian Death and Adolescents fame, the album has guest appearances by many of Bloody’s friends including Richie Ramone of the Ramones, Don Bolles of The Germs, and Paul Roessler of The Screamers/45 Grave.

Bloody is currently working on his spoken word album which will be released soon on the records Ad Nauseum label out of Hollywood California

If you don’t own it, go and give it a listen.

Rating: ** * two out of three stars.

On to the story . . .

Years ago there were a number of shows on the Sci-Fi channel that played “real” videos of monsters or supernatural occurrences that viewers caught on film. If I remember right it was mostly blurry Big Foot tapes or and occasional flying saucer and/or hubcap flying behind a cloud.

So, one day there crazy idea/prank popped into my head . . . I’ll go to Mexico and catch the chupacabras!

I first told my sister-in-law that I needed her to come with me to Mexico. She would be my cameraman (or camera-person). Now the most crucial part of this project? My wife.

You see as part of the capture of the elusive chupacabras or as he’s known to his friends: chupa, I would have my wife dress up as sheep and walk around a Mexican farm yelling, “Baaaa,” until Senor Chupa swoops down for the attack and my sister-in-law would film it and I would rush in and bag chupa.

The problem is no one knew if I was joking or if I was serious. My sister-in-law cracked up, but my wife was pissed. She said, “You wouldn’t save me. You’d let the chupacabras kill me.”

Now death never entered my mind. Just the possibility of seeing her run around on a farm yelling, “Baaa,” killed me.

I don’t know if I could have caught the chupacabras or how much the Sci-Fi channel would have paid me, but the wife’s reaction alone was worth me pretending to keep the project alive for over a year.



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