Various Artists – American Hardcore

23 Oct

American Hardcore

Various Artists
American Hardcore Soundtrack

Rhino Records

When you speak about American Hardcore the book or movie, you’re going to have people who loved it or like many, people who thought it was so-so but too preachy too many bands were forgotten. Well, the soundtrack for the movie of the book doesn’t come off as a cooler-than-you history revision for many, but the song selection is disappointing.

Sure, the big bands are here: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, MDC, D.O.A. and even the classic "Out Of Vogue" by Middle Class. That’s mainly where the trouble lies, half of the record is a nostalgic look at songs you’ve heard on other compilations. Getting Die Kreuzen and D.R.I. on there was nice, but who really needs demos by the Cro-Mags (1982 and it’s pretty much all Harley) and the Adolescents. I realize that the Cro-Mags didn’t really get big until after the time period this is aimed at, but still, couldn’t they have just put another band in there instead then? D.O.A. is from Canada the last time I checked them out, and unless the title "(North) American Hardcore" missed me, that’s just sloppy. Picking a Black Flag tune couldn’t be that difficult, so why pick one that came out before 1980, the first year this record is documenting?

With all the nitpicking aside, this CD has some great songs. Really Red’s always good, and getting The Freeze, Jerry’s Kids, SSD and Gang Green together on a compilation brings back memories of Boston compilation past. Still, I don’t know who this record is appealing to besides kids who have no records but want to hear what punk was like 2 decades ago. Sadly, I don’t think a Negative Approach demo is going to keep them interested.

SS Decontrol – Boiling Point
[audio: – SS Decontrol – Boiling Point.mp3]

Really Red – I Was a Teenage Fuck Up
[audio: – Really Red – I Was a Teenage Fuck Up.mp3]

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