The Horrors – The Horrors EP

24 Oct

The Horrors

The Horrors
The Horrors EP
Stolen Transmission

Out of all the new(er) things I’ve listened to this week, the debut EP by UK band The Horrors has been in rotation the most. Garage music with decent production, they’ve made me listen to a lo-fi rock band again when I had sworn off the genre after the number of bands playing pretentious lo-fi rock hit one million. These guys sound like they’re having fun, not being cooler-than-you. With five songs in about 13 minutes, this record was over way too soon. From the opening riffs of "Death at the Chapel" (crazy keyboard and all) to the ending "Excellent Choice" (which is layered with voices talking over a Crampsish beat) the band doesn’t stumble. I already want a full LP. Catch them now before they’re overplayed.

Sheena Is A Parasite
[audio: – Sheena Is A Parasite.mp3]

Visit their Myspace page for tour dates and info.

Buy the EP from Amazon.

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