The Damned – Noise, Noise, Noise

28 Oct

The Damned

The Damned
Noise Noise Noise (Bootleg Box)

Featuring five shows over five years, this box set includes sets from 1977, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1988. The quality is similar throughout, not amazing but listenable, making me wonder if there isn’t better sounding recording stashed somewhere that might have been used. The 1977/1979 shows were of the most interest to me and they’re enjoyable if almost interchangeable. Pretty much all of the songs you’d expect to hear are there, "I Feel Alright", "Neat, Neat, Neat", and "Born To Kill" being highlights. The best parts of Damned shows sometimes revolve around Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible’s audience interaction, and there are a few entertaining bits here and there. The 1981 and 1988 shows feature the most material, with the 1988 show being a reunion gig where most of the song selection leans on their formative years. Aside from the music, there is a 21 minute interview with Rat Scabies. Not an essential piece of Damned history but major fans will dig it.

I Feel Alright (1977)
[audio: Damned – I Feel Alright.mp3]200

Plan 9 – Channel 7 (1981)
[audio: Damned – Plan 9 – Channel 7.mp3]

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