John Wilkes Booth – 2006 Demo

29 Oct

While listening to the demo from Long Island, New York’s John Wilkes Booth, I kept getting flashbacks to my AmRep obsessed years. Not that they’re 100% in the AmRep style, but they certainly remind me of a cross between a few of the later period bands from that label (Chokebore being a main one) and maybe even the first Soundgarden EP. With songs like "Dense" and "L.I.P.", you’re treated to some nice, sludgy yet polished guitarwork and a good rhythm section (the drummer pound the shit out of his drums at some points, he’s a loud one). "Haze" slows things down a bit, sounding just a bit too much like Monster Magnet. It doesn’t get out of the same groove as it trundles along. "Unknown Waiting" starts off slow and then gets back into the aggression I liked from the first two tracks. I’m definitely curious to hear what they do with a proper release.

[audio: Wilkes Booth – 2006 Demo/01 – Dense.mp3]

[audio: Wilkes Booth – 2006 Demo/02 – L.I.P..mp3]

[audio: Wilkes Booth – 2006 Demo/03 – Haze.mp3]

Unknown Waiting
[audio: Wilkes Booth – 2006 Demo/04 – Unknown Waiting.mp3]

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