Riverdales – Riverdales

30 Oct

Asian Man Records

When Screeching Weasel went belly up, Ben Weasel, Danny Panic and Danny Vapid formed the briefly lived Ramonesish Riverdales. This is a re-release of their first album, previously published by Lookout Records and taken back by Ben Weasel in his 2004 falling out with the label. Aside from the original tracks, there are 3 unreleased songs and a handful of live ones. If you don’t know the Riverdales then just imagine if a Ramones tribute band deciced to write their own material. It’s not original, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s always a fun listen. The live tracks are from their 1995 tour supporting Green Day and they’re a nice extra if you already had this record. Get this for the excellent first LP and consider the extra tracks a decent bonus.

Judy Go Home
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Riverdales/Judy Go Home.mp3]

Rehabilitated (live)
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Riverdales/Rehabilitated (Live).mp3]

Two-Headed Girl
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Riverdales/Two-Headed Girl.mp3]

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