Righteous Jams – Business As Usual

31 Oct

Righteous Jams
Business As Usual

Boston band Righteous Jams’ latest album brought me back to the 80’s when it sometimes felt like there were X’d hands everywhere. The music here is straight edge hardcore. Old Boston-style straight edge hardcore to be more exact, with a heavy dose of late 80’s NYHC thrown in for good measure. They remind me of later SS Decontrol mashed with Warzone, with a mid-80’s hardcore meets metal sound. Not too surprising as guitarist Elgin James was in local favorites Wrecking Crew. The big difference here is production. The newer hardcore bands just sound more polished than ones I remember. That’s not a bad thing, it just sounds cleaner than most of this genre. Never having been straight edge myself, I could never quite relate to a lot of the lyrics that were being shouted at me by those bands then, and that’s true of the newer straight edge groups today. Still, if it’s hardcore that you seek, then hardcore you shall find.

Thought Vacation
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Righteous Jams/Thought Vacation.mp3]

Business As Usual
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Righteous Jams/Business As Usual.mp3]

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