Strike Out – Embrace

22 Nov

Strike Out

On their debut LP, Strike Out rages and performs some blistering hardcore that heralds back to NYHC from the late 80’s/early 90’s. This means shouted choruses, memories of circle pits and metal guitar riffs screaming over an amazingly fast rhythm section. Like almost every other record coming out these days, the production and mix is a bit cleaner, but the energy and rage is there. There are 14 tracks here and all feature some seriously excellent guitar riffage. Vocalist Owen Miller shouts himself hoarse while the bass pummels you and the drums go a mile a minute. My only real complaint would be the drum mix… they sometimes sound more like some heavy tom-toms than a full drum kit. The drum fills are great, I just wish they’d mixed them differently. This is a great debut album, I hope they stick it out, I’d be interested in hearing how they evolve.

Strike Out

[audio: Out/03 – Strike Out.mp3]

This Apathy is Killing Me
[audio: Out/04 – This Apathy Is Killing Me.mp3]

Travis Gun Show
[audio: Out/06 – Travis Gun Show.mp3]

Their Myspace page is here, and their record label is here.

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