Agression – Grind Kings

27 Nov

Grind Kings
Lucky 13

This album’s a strange one. Original Oxnard band Agression split years ago, getting back together and getting ready to record again when vocalist Mark Hickey passed away in 2000. Guitarist Henry Knowles died in 2002, leaving bassist Bob Clark and drummer Mark Aber. Oddly, Bob is nowhere to be seen on here. While normally a reunion of one is something I’d stay far away from, the album is made up mainly of old Agression songs and that’s the lure that pulled me in. Hey, this is no first lineup recording, and it’s strange hearing skate hardcore from 20 years ago remade, but getting a dose of old-fashioned nardcore these days is a rarity. It’s not great, it’s not terrible, it’s like a slighty better-than-average Mystic release from that time with much better production. If you liked Agression before, you’ll probably like this, even with new band members. The nardcore message board has some folks complaining about this being a sellout sort of thing, and others praising Mark for carrying on. I don’t sway one way or another, not knowing any of them personally, but I will say it’s rare to lose 3/4’s of a band and still sound good.

Intense Energy
[audio: – Intense Energy.mp3]

Body Count
[audio: – Body Count.mp3]

Brain Bondage
[audio: – Brain Bondage.mp3]

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