Punchpuppet – Crazed Drunk Pedestrians EP

28 Nov

Crazed Drunk Pedestrians EP
Are You Listening Records

I can most likely tell you that you’ll like Punchpuppet if your answer to the following question is yes: do you like The Queers or Screeching Weasel? Sounding like a cross between both of them, Punchpuppet is London’s answer to that particular style of happy/goofy/poppy punk (or whatever you’d like to call it). Yeah, yeah, they’re not particularly original. Still, if this lot is your bag then you’ll find yourself singing along to the choruses in no time, they’re good at what they do and with seven songs in about thirteen minutes, this is a short blast of fun. Their second recording, this comes four years after their first release, the "What Happened To The Gurdip Knights" EP.

Z List
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Punchpuppet/02 – Z List.mp3]

Late Again
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Punchpuppet/04 – Late Again.mp3]

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