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Dirty Faces – Get Right With God

21 Nov

Dirty Faces Get Right With God Jagjaguwar Following up from last years "Superamerican", the latest from Pittsburgh band Dirty Faces "Get Right With God" is the better record. They sound more focused and even a bit more polished. I liked the last album, I just like this one a tad more. There’s a fuzzed out […]

Buff Medways – Last Of the Buff Medways

20 Nov

Buff Medways Last of the Buff Medways EP Damaged Goods Sad news if you’re a Buffs fan, the last release for Billy Childish’s band is out and the band is no more, although there are rumors of a future live release, so last release for now. "Last of…" is a 3-song single with 3 quick […]

Clown Alley – Circus Of Chaos

16 Nov

Clown Alley Circus of Chaos Southern Lord I’m not sure what doomed Clown Alley to be left behind in musical obscurity, but I wouldn’t doubt the terrible name had something to do with it. Their one and only record, "Circus of Chaos", has been out of print almost since its original release. Not too much […]

Government Warning – No Moderation

15 Nov

Government Warning No Moderation Feral Ward Hearing the debut from Richmond, VA’s Government Warning, I flashed back to hearing bands like Poison Idea and The Adolescents for the first time. It’s that good. 10 songs, over in under 18 minutes, with song titles like "Jocks and Cops", "Trend City" and "Slave Labor"… the whole thing […]

The Manges – Go Down

10 Nov

The Manges Go Down Wynona/Ammonia Records An Italian band with a Ramones fetish, The Manges have been around for over a decade playing pop-punk tunes that are revved up and over in under 2 minutes. Their latest, "Go Down", follows the pattern they’ve had all along, power chords and catchy choruses that would feel equally […]

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