Theatre Of Hate – Retribution Over Thee

19 Dec

Theatre Of Hate
Retribution Over Thee
Castle Records

The original run for the moody Theatre Of Hate only lasted for a few years. This double-disc live import features one show in London from their height, 1981, and one show in France from a reunion they did in 1996. There have been a few live releases and compilations since their original demise, and this is another for the pile. Fans will be quite happy with the ’81 side which consists of many single tracks and favorites. The quality’s decent, the band’s pretty tight at this point, and singer Kirk Brandon’s (ex-The Pack) wailing away. The reunion disc has better sound and honestly I couldn’t really tell the difference between the years all that much. If you liked their earlier show you’ll probably be just as happy with the later one. This set doesn’t duplicate many from the earlier show which is a nice difference from many 2 show packages. Overall, this is for the fans and not the unitiated who might be better off seeking out the previously released Best of Theatre Of Hate.

Freaks (1981)
[audio: of Hate/Freaks (Live at the Lyceum Ballroom London 1981).mp3]

Rebel Without a Brain
[audio: of Hate/Rebel Without a Brain (Live at the Lyceum Ballroom London 1981).mp3]

Legion (1996)
[audio: of Hate/Legion (Live in Montpelier France 1996).mp3]

Revolver (1996)
[audio: of Hate/Revolver (Live in Montpelier France 1996).mp3]

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