Suburban Hostage – A Sorry State

23 Dec

Suburban Hostage
A Sorry State

Suburban Hostage has been around for several years but haven’t had a full record out until now. A Sorry State is 13 tracks of melodic punk which comes in two flavors, some tracks being fairly poppish and some being a bit harder. The pop tracks didn’t do much for me, they’re just not particularly interesting. The material that gets away from that a bit is slightly better, even if it didn’t excite me too much either. This isn’t the worst record I’ve ever heard and there are plenty of pop-punk bands that I’d rather throw a brick at, but this isn’t anything special either. The main problem is that the whole package is a bit generic. Nothing here really stands out from the whole Good Riddance/Lagwagon sound you’ve heard a thousand times before. Maybe next time.

Sorry State of Affairs
[audio: Hostage/01 – Sorry State of Affairs.mp3]

Nothing Left
[audio: Hostage/07 – Nothing Left.mp3]

They have a Myspace page. If you’re interested in purchasing the record, you can get the CD from Interpunk or download the whole thing from Download Punk.

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