The Zero Point – Hooligans With Cheap Guitars

31 Dec

The Zero Point
Hooligans With Cheap Guitar
Grand Theft Audio

I’ve heard a lot of different bands, but I can’t be expected to have heard absolutely everyone. While many foreign bands have hit my ears, somehow this Danish band slipped by me until GTA made thier earlier material available in one handy, 36 song package. The sound’s excellent, and showcases a slightly varying style. Some of the music here is fairly straight-ahead, yet well played punk rock but the slower, moodier songs were the ones that got me hooked (Substitution, The Front Line are examples). The usual GTA packaging is here with decent liner notes and pictures. The 36 tracks vary from their early "Ha" and "The Murmur" EP’s and early shows and rehearsals. Overall, I’m sad I hadn’t heard them before but thank GTA for putting this out for me to discover, albeit 25ish years later than I should have.

[audio: Point/Substitution.mp3]

Get Out
[audio: Point/Get Out.mp3]

[audio: Point/Cops.mp3]

Buy this for only $12 via Bomp! The band is still active as well and have a Myspace page.

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