Picture Frame Seduction – Stop the Bloody Slaughter

15 Jan

Picture Frame Seduction

Stop the Bloody Slaughter
Grand Theft Audio

An underappreciated band from the UK 82 scene, Picture Frame Seduction not only have a fairly recent album out ("Sex War"), but Grand Theft Audio has given them their usual treatment with a 28 track compilation. This CD includes their first album, 1985’s excellent "Hand of the Rider", as well as a 1984 single, live tracks and demos. The biggest surprise on this comp. was how good the four songs from 1978/1979 sound. Not just quality-wise, but the songs are really good. This disc is worth picking up for the album reissue alone, I looked at everything else as a nice bonus. If you’re curious about their sound and don’t want to click on the tracks below, maybe some of the lyrics from "Sabotage the Classes" will help you: "I’m really pissed off the things they’ve done, round ’em up and bring ’em down, run ’em out yer fucking town, we must unite stand up and fight". Ah, it’s like I’m a teenager again.

Stop the Bloody Slaughter
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/PFS/07 – Stop The Bloody Slaughter.mp3]

Sabotage The Classes
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/PFS/20 – Sabotage The Classes.mp3]

They have a website as well as a spot on Myspace, although it doesn’t look like either have been updated in a few months. Buy the album for $12 through Bomp.

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