Orthodox – Gran Poder

17 Jan

Gran Poder
Southern Lord

I don’t listen to tons of metal, be it of the death variety or even 80’s cheese style. I also don’t receive that many submissions for review. As sad as that makes me, it’s true. I do get some, it’s just not an avalanch of music that’s begging for my reviewing touch. I mention this because out of the blue I received two CD’s from the label responsible for reissuing the excellent Clown Alley album, and featuring bands I’ve never heard of. Always happy to have mail waiting for me, and music to boot, I checked out the return address and opened the package. Judging by the artwork I was seeing, I was looking at two metal albums, and I was pretty sure by the titles they were going to be in the key of death.

The first was by a band named Orthodox, and this was a North American reissue of a much-liked (use Google and you’ll see some praise of this release, including Album of the Month by Julian Cope) record by a trio who live in Spain, wear odd outfits to the average viewer, and who name their songs from phrases used at an Easter festival. Without copping from their press release to describe the music, these guys have some heavy drone metal going on. I’m definitely more into the slower, droning, plodding doom metal than shrieking with noodling guitar solos, and this is almost my perfect record from the genre I like. With an opening track that goes on for 27 minutes, this is not everyone’s idea of a record they want to put on to get the party started (unless you go to parties I don’t, which is entirely possible). Still, 27 minutes into the record I wanted to hear the next track, and that’s high praise from me when it comes to extended musical jams. There’s one bonus track for this release, a cover of Venoms’ "Genocide" and while as I always say, a bonus is free and Hell why not, it just didn’t quite fit for me. Taking the 4 tracks that made up the original release, this is a record I’ll be zoning out to for quite a while.

The other record I received was "Nefaria" by a band named Striborg. With scowling vocals muttering words I couldn’t quite hear and fairly muddled production, I pretty much skipped through it and wasn’t that interested. Sorry Striborg.

Orthodox – Arrodillate Andte La Madera y la Piedra
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Southern Lord/02 – Arrodillate Andte La Madera y la Piedra.mp3]

You can buy the music from Southern Lord and visit the Myspace pages for both Orthodox and Striborg.

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