Chelsea – Faster, Cheap & Better Looking

23 Jan

Faster, Cheap & Better Looking
TKO Records

I wasn’t sure how well the classic band Chelsea would pull off a reunion record, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love this CD. The lineup that recorded this (in 2005, this is a US release, it was previously not available here aside from an import) includes three band members not seen together since 1979 and Tony Barber who has been playing bass with the Buzzcocks since 1992 or so. Chelsea wasn’t your typical punk or Oi! band, although they were often lumped in with those tags. This is more of the same, and that’s not a complaint. 14 tracks of raw rock and roll with a late 70’s punk vibe, this is one of my great surprise records to come out recently (The Saints last album was another). Reclaiming your youth isn’t easy, but Chelsea has done a fantastic job here.. "Sod the War", "Bad Advice" and their cover of Iggy Pop’s "Home" are standouts, although there really isn’t a bad song on this. This release contains 2 bonus songs not on the 2005 edition including "Home".

Sod the War
[audio: – Sod the War.mp3]

Ritalin Kid
[audio: – Ritalin Kid.mp3]

You can buy this for $11 directly from TKO Records. Visit Chelsea at their website.

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