Future of the Left – Fingers Become Thumbs

30 Jan

Future of the Left
Fingers Become Thumbs/The Lord Hates a Coward
Too Pure

I’m unsure how to categorize the first single from Future Of the Left. They have a throbbing bass and drum sound that reminds me a bit of Jon Spencer, the vocals are both screamed and sung and I get a weird Cop Shoot Cop meets Gang of Four vibe at times. Still, they don’t sound quite like those bands, they have their own thing going on with just a tinge of the above. They actually sound a bit like what The Rapture could have sounded like if they had evolved instead of turning into crap. FotL is getting a fair amount of indie press in the UK at the moment, and unlike most things they go gaga over, I actually agree with most of them. I think I just died a little inside.

The Lord Hates a Coward
[audio:http://www.strangereaction.com/images/stories/Future of the Left/02 – The Lord Hates A Coward.mp3]

Check out their Myspace page for more music streams. Pick up the vinyl at your local import shop.

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