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Hipshakes – Shake Their Hips

27 Feb

Hipshakes Shake Their Hips Slovenly Man alive this is one loud record. Playing trashy garage rock mixed to 11, the UK’s Hipshakes have put out their first full length and it’s one of the most distorted records I’ve ever heard. If you took The Oblivions and played them through a megaphone directly into your ear […]

February 24, 2007 Podcast

24 Feb

Download Total Time: 60:39 File Size: 83.2 MB Songs Played: 01. The Bags – We Will Bury You (No Excess Bagisms) 02. Active Ingredients – Service With a Smile (Bringing Down the Big Boys) 03. Angry Samoans – Pictures of matchstickmen (Return to Samoa) 04. Lethal Yellow – Velveeta (Declaration of Retardation) 05. Bedlam Hour […]

Career Suicide – Attempted Suicide

20 Feb

Career Suicide Attempted Suicide Deranged Records There aren’t many bands trying to ape the early 80’s hardcore sound, and even fewer bands do it so well they can easily blend into your favorite 1982 mix tape. I see the KBD tag applied to them but that’s not what I hear at all… if anything these […]

February 18th, 2007 Podcast

18 Feb

Download Total Time: 1:08 Songs Played: 01. Blitz – I Don’t Need You (R.I.P. Nidge Blitz) 02. Hummungus – I Hate Motherfuckin’ Cop 03. The Fits – Prostitute 04. Negative Trend – Mercenaries 05. Nervous Gender – Monsters 06. Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster (R.I.P. Brent Liles) 07. Toxic Reasons – Drunk and Disorderly […]

Disconvenience – Umea Punk City

14 Feb

] Disconvenience Umea Punk City CMF/Wasted Sounds Since Disconvenience gets lumped into the "this band sounds like ’77 punk" crowd, I’m going to adjust that and say that they sound like a band from 1977 that just had a gun pointed to their heads and were told to play faster, louder and better than most […]

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