Threats – God Is Not With Us Today

01 Feb

God Is Not With Us Today
Doctor Strange Records

Sounding energetic and vital after almost 3 decades can’t be easy. I’ve seen many try and fail with only a handful that actually produce records as good as (or close anyways) to their original output. After the surprise of last years Saints release, the latest from Scotland’s Threats is my favorite recent "oldies" record. Not a band with a particularly prolific past, it’s good to see them adding to their back catalog with a release that holds up well with their earlier work. Playing fast and energetic punk rock, this is a record that fans of The Casualties or G.B.H would enjoy. "Armchair Anarchist", "Life Fast……… Die by Mistake!!", "Today’s Youth" and the title track are all stompers with the only real stumble on the whole record for me being"Time", a mellower track that sounds like Iron Maiden with Neil Diamond singing. Seriously, I don’t know how they pulled that one off but it’s there. That song aside, this CD is currently getting lots of spin at my house, check it out.

Armchair Anarchist
[audio: – Armchair Anarchist.mp3]

God Is Not With Us Today
[audio: – God Is Not With Us Today.mp3]

Visit their website and buy the CD (only $8!) or limited vinyl from Doctor Strange.

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