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G.B.H. – Race Against Time: The Complete Clay Recordings

29 Mar

G.B.H. Race Against Time: The Complete Clay Recordings Castle One of the finest of the many British punk metal bands that emerged in the early 1980’s, I’ve always had a soft spot for G.B.H. (or as they were then known, Charged G.B.H.). I even like “A Fridge Too Far”, so my bias may be showing […]

The Fall – Reformation! Post-T.L.C.

27 Mar

The Fall Reformation! Post-T.L.C. Narnack (even a bad Fall album deserves 3 stars) Not everyone knows it, but The Fall are my favorite band. I like everything, from their early dinky keyboard stuff to their Brix Smith pop period and onto their latest release. As any Fall fan knows though, there are definitely songs and […]

March 25, 2007 Podcast

25 Mar

Download Total Time: 74:17 File Size: 106.9MB Songs Played: 01. Jojo in the Stars – Fotografia (Jojo in the Stars EP) 02. Viletones – Screaming Fist (Screaming Fist EP) 03. Zero Point – Instrumentally Retarded (Hooligans With Cheap Guitars) 04. Career Suicide – The Last Say (Attempted Suicide) 05. No Talents – Hello World (Hello […]

W.T.G. – Don’t They?

22 Mar

Originally posted on 4/23/2006: St. Louis band “Whoppers Taste Good” (or W.T.G.) put out their FC/BM (food-core/beer-metal) EP “Don’t They?” in 1987. The music’s a bit sludgy with some heavy metal riffs and there are some goofy lyrics to go along with it.Their second EP, “Haunting White Castle” came out in 1988. One of the […]

Monarch – Dead Men Tell No Tales

21 Mar

Monarch Dead Men Tell No Tales Crucial Blast When a two CD set consists of only five songs and lasts for almost two hours you know you’re into some heavy and quite slow shit. This set features two full albums, both previously available on LP only and just now getting the CD treatment. “Speak Of […]

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