Krum Bums – As the Tide Turns

08 Mar

Krum Bums
As the Tide Turns
TKO Records

The latest from Austin’s Krum Bums is a mix of punk, metal and even a little crust. With a sound that hits me like a mix of The Casualties and the more metal side of G.B.H., this isn’t old-school hardcore, more a new-school heavy metal. The big difference here is while I don’t like most metal I do like this. A few noodling guitar riffs aside, this record is a heavy blast of 13 songs and is over in a quick 33 minutes which doesn’t leave much time for filler. The only cut I could have done without is the increasingly popular intro track. Does anyone actually like instrumental intros? They seem to be coming on records more and more lately, and I would like to just get into the record already. Not that the intro here is particularly bad or anything, it’s just sort of pointless. Fans of the heavy side of current punk should love this album, it’s a damn fine album intro or not.

You can get the CD directly from TKO for only $5 if you snag it during their sale. The band is touring to support this release, check their Myspace page for dates.

Disregarded Youth
[audio: Bums/02 – Disregarded Youth.mp3]

Scratching On the Eight Ball
[audio: Bums/10 – Scratching On The Eight Ball.mp3]

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