Happy World – 1984 7″

19 Mar

Every once in a while I remember some of the bands I posted on the old incarnation of Strange Reaction and wish I still had them online to share with people who might have missed out. I’ll be upping some of them at random times and filing them under Old Site Memories. The text will most likely be from the original posts unless I’ve somehow become enlightened on the band history. Probably not.

Originally posted: October 12th, 2005

I don’t usually get a record, rip it and immediately post it, but I’ve been playing this single from Colorado band “Happy World” non-stop since I found it, annoying pop at the beginning of track 2 and all. I know pretty much nothing about the band other than that this single was released in 1984 on Regressive Records. Musically they sometimes remind me a bit of Television crossed with a 1980’s punk band. Vocals are a bit shouty, but not bad.

Where Am I Going
Tax, Money and Dreams
Cold River

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