Monarch – Dead Men Tell No Tales

21 Mar


Dead Men Tell No Tales
Crucial Blast

When a two CD set consists of only five songs and lasts for almost two hours you know you’re into some heavy and quite slow shit. This set features two full albums, both previously available on LP only and just now getting the CD treatment. “Speak Of the Sea” is the oldest, and honestly isn’t much different from the more recent “Die Tonight”. If you took the Melvins and slowed them down by half, added a shrieking female vocalist and added a little more doom you might get something that sounds something like Monarch. Maybe. Well you might have to add more gloom too. As someone who is quite picky with my sludge rock this actually hit me quite well. It’s grueling at times, but in that “this song is absolutely punishing me now” way. Quite good, and at $12 in most spots it’s quite the deal too.

Winter Bride
[audio: – Winter Bride.mp3]

Hit them up on Myspace and buy the CD’s from Crucial Blast for $11.99 (they’ve got the latest from the Homostupids too, give that a look while you’re there!).

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