March 25, 2007 Podcast

25 Mar


Total Time: 74:17
File Size: 106.9MB

Songs Played:
01. Jojo in the Stars – Fotografia (Jojo in the Stars EP)
02. Viletones – Screaming Fist (Screaming Fist EP)
03. Zero Point – Instrumentally Retarded (Hooligans With Cheap Guitars)
04. Career Suicide – The Last Say (Attempted Suicide)
05. No Talents – Hello World (Hello World single)
06. Audio Rapists – Red, White and Blew It
07. Capitol Punishment – Racism Is Ignorance (When “Putsch” Comes To Shove)
08. Scared Straight – No Way (Scared Straight EP)
09. Death Sentence – Feel Fucked (Not a Pretty Sight)
10. Disconvenience – TV Massacre (Umea Punk City)
11. Mighty Midgets – Whatever Happened to Getting Drunk? (Mighty Midgets vs. The Cakes)
12. Broken Talent – My God Can Beat Up Your God (Blood Slut EP)
13. I.D. Under – Suburban Cops (Lords of Nothing)
14. N.O.T.A. – The Enemy (Moscow EP)
15. Cro-Mags – Don’t Tread On Me (Age of Quarrel)
16. Hellbillys – Bondage A Go-Go (I’ve Got My Friends compilation)
17. The Switchblade Combs – Punks of Rock
18. The Cremators – The Best Is Yet to Come
19. Spitzz – Chloroform Fun (Touche’ Pussycats)
20. Blood Vessels – Escape From My Brain (Blood Vessels)
21. Red Cross – Annette’s Got The Hits (Annette’s Got the Hits EP)
22. Avengers – We Are the One (We Are the One single)
23. Legionaire’s Disease Band – Downtown (Rather See You Dead single)
24. Negative Gain – Situation All Fucked Up (Back From the Dead)
25. Sloppy Seconds – T.V. Party (Garage Days Regurgitated)
26. The Minutemen -The Maze (Paranoid Time EP)
27. Black Flag – Can’t Decide (My War)
28. Saccharine Trust – I Am Right (Pagan Icons)
29. Das Damen – Trick Question (Das Damen)
30. Dicks – No Nazis Friend (Kill From the Heart)

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