G.B.H. – Race Against Time: The Complete Clay Recordings

29 Mar


Race Against Time: The Complete Clay Recordings

5 Stars

One of the finest of the many British punk metal bands that emerged in the early 1980’s, I’ve always had a soft spot for G.B.H. (or as they were then known, Charged G.B.H.). I even like “A Fridge Too Far”, so my bias may be showing a bit. This 3 disc collection puts together their absolutely best output in one big collection. Both the classic City Baby albums are here, as is the “Leather, Bristles, Studs & Acne” 12″, various singles and even a live album that’s worlds better than their “Live In Japan” disc, it actually has quite a bit oIf energy. I’ve had all of this material aside from the live album in various formats over the years, it’s nice to have it all back again in one big package. Including favorites like “Time Bomb”, “Generals” and “Catch 23”, you get 51 studio tracks here and they’re all worth a listen if you missed them the previous times they came around.

City Baby Attacked By Rats
[audio:/GBH/23 – City Baby Attacked By Rats.mp3]

City Baby’s Revenge
[audio:/GBH/12 – City Babys Revenge.mp3]

Generals (live)
[audio:/GBH/08 – Generals.mp3]

Buy this from Amazon. The band is still active and have a website that was neglected for a bit but has a fairly recent post as of this writing. Oh yes, they too are on Myspace.

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