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April 29, 2007 Podcast

29 Apr

Subscribe to the podcast by using Feedburner! There are more options in the lower left side of the page. [audio:] Right Click To Download Total Time: 69:00 File Size: 94.7MB Tracks played: 01. Chaos UK – A Swindle (Radio Earslaughter) 02. Strike Out – Travis Gun Show (Embrace) 03. GBH – Diplomatic Immunity (Complete Clay […]

Behind Enemy Lines – One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God

24 Apr

Behind Enemy Lines One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God Profane Existence Jesus, this is a heavy and very angry record. Back from a break between records, the latest from the ex-Aus Rotten/Pist/Devastation folks is a blast against the current United States administration and the general state of things these days. The music’s similar […]

April 22, 2007 Podcast

22 Apr

If you subscribe to the podcast and have been having trouble with the feed, make sure you’re using either iTunes or the redirect from Download Total Time: 67:26 File Size: 92.6MB Tracks played: 01. Terminal Sick – Sick (Sick single) 02. Political Justice? – One Moment of Empathy (Stating the Truths and Healing the […]

Disrupt – The Rest

19 Apr

Disrupt The Rest Relapse While they only put out one full length album back in 1994, Boston grindcore band Disrupt put out several singles and split records during their existence. This double-CD set compiles 78 tracks, including all of those songs as well as throwing in some demos and live tracks. The whole package clocks […]

Melanie and The Secret Army

18 Apr

Melanie and The Secret Army Cock Sparrer We Love You Sunny Bastards When I first saw the title for this record I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Not that I’m anti-Cock Sparrer, they’re one of those bands I could always take or leave… not the worst band but not one I ever actively sought […]

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