No Bullshit Vol. 2

12 Apr

No Bullshit Vol. 2

Various Artists
No Bullshit Vol. 2
No Way Records

Another excellent, recent release from No Way, No Bullshit Vol. 2 features six fast hardcore tunes by Rabies, Social Circkle, Wasted Time, Brainhandle, Warkrime and Cardiac Arrest. All bands put in solid performances here, and they all stand apart from the generic hardcore vibe aside from Cardiac Arrest who just don’t do much for me, at least not on this EP. Rabies and Wasted Time are the standouts with two great songs that are well worth the cover price. With the just reviewed Acid Reflux single, No Way is definitely a label I’m going to be keeping an eye out for.

Rabies – Shasted
[audio:/No Bullshit/02. Rabies – Shasted.mp3]
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Wasted Time – Enemies of Common Sense
[audio:/No Bullshit/06. Wasted Time – Enemies of Common Sense.mp3]
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Visit No Way Records for more info and to buy this record.

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