Melanie and The Secret Army

18 Apr

Melanie and The Secret Army

Melanie and The Secret Army
Cock Sparrer We Love You
Sunny Bastards

Two Stars

When I first saw the title for this record I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Not that I’m anti-Cock Sparrer, they’re one of those bands I could always take or leave… not the worst band but not one I ever actively sought out. I figured this would be something in a similar style, and since this record actually consists of 11 Cock Sparrer cover songs, I was pretty spot on. There’s nothing terrible about this record, they do Cock Sparrer well enough, and singer Melanie can actually sing a bit, but there isn’t anything here that really did much for me. This isn’t imaginative re-recordings or anything fancy, just pretty spot on covers. Maybe an 11 track sampler of different bands being covered would have helped things, as I didn’t hate this, but it just feels like a novelty record that goes on way too long. Not being a huge fan of the original material probably didn’t help things, I really can’t see myself replaying a record of nothing but covers by them. Huge fans of Cock Sparrer might want to give this one a look but I don’t forsee this appealing to many others.

Chip On My Shoulder
[audio:/Melanie/02 – Chip On My Shoulder.mp3]

Sunday Stripper
[audio:/Melanie/05 – Sunday Stripper.mp3]

If you liked this and want to buy the CD, head over to Interpunk. Their label can be found here.

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