Disrupt – The Rest

19 Apr


The Rest

Four Stars

While they only put out one full length album back in 1994, Boston grindcore band Disrupt put out several singles and split records during their existence. This double-CD set compiles 78 tracks, including all of those songs as well as throwing in some demos and live tracks. The whole package clocks in at close to the two hour mark. Some is hit or miss, the demos and live tracks especially sound sort of meh, with lots of hiss and the production you’d expect from unproduced material, but fans of one of the best grindcore bands around will love this compilation of their material, it saves wear and tear on your records in any case. If you don’t know who Disrupt was, I think saying fans of Napalm Death will like them isn’t a crazy statement.

Slave To Stupidity
[audio:/Disrupt/17 – Slave To Stupidity.mp3]
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Consumed By the System
[audio:/Disrupt/07 – Consumed By The System.mp3]
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Buy the double-CD direct from Relapse for only $12.

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