April 22, 2007 Podcast

22 Apr

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Total Time: 67:26
File Size: 92.6MB

Tracks played:
01. Terminal Sick – Sick (Sick single)
02. Political Justice? – One Moment of Empathy (Stating the Truths and Healing the Wounds)
03. We Are the Rats – Not Afraid To Die (self-titled EP)
04. Offenders – Lost Causes (single)
05. Anthrax – Exploitation (They’ve Got It All Wrong EP)
06. Cloak Dagger – Daggers Daggers (Pinata single)
07. Bayonettes – We’re Doomed (We’re Doomed EP)
08. Impatient Youth – Suburban Boy (Frontline EP)
09. Morbid Opera – Liar (Jesus Loves You So Gives Us Your Money EP)
10. Social Spit – Death of a Salesman (Psycho Ward EP)
11. Youths – Alone and Smiling (Youths EP)
12. NOFX – On My Mind (Maximum Rock n Roll)
13. The Chumps – I Hate My School (Invent Rock n Roll 95-00)
14. Frank Booth – Fuck You (demo)
15. Rabies – Shasted (No Bullshit Vol. 2)
16. Stiff Little Fingers – I Don’t Like You (Nobody’s Heroes)
17. The Exploding Hearts – Sniffin’ Glue (Dirtnap Across the Northwest)
18. UXB – Crazy Today (single)
19. Panik – Modern Politics (It Won’t Sell)
20. NBJ – Dead Porker (No So Quiet On the Western Front)
21. Behind Enemy Lines – Gluttons of Privilege (One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God)
22. Discharge – Protest And Survive (Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing)
23. Doom – Dig Your Grave (Monarchy Zoo EP)
24. Icons of Filth – Enough is Enough (The Mortarhate Projects)
25. Capitalist Casualties – Decaying (Disassembly Line)
26. The Mob – Spinal Tap (We Come To Crush)
27. Subversives – Lost Generation (Protest and Dance)
28. Hands Tied – Turn Away (Hands Tied EP)
29. Cringer – El Salvador (Tikki Tikki Tembo)
30. Public Disturbance – Strangler (Public Disturbance)

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