Behind Enemy Lines – One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God

24 Apr

Behind Enemy Lines - One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God

Behind Enemy Lines
One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God
Profane Existence

Five Stars

Jesus, this is a heavy and very angry record. Back from a break between records, the latest from the ex-Aus Rotten/Pist/Devastation folks is a blast against the current United States administration and the general state of things these days. The music’s similar to past BEL records, falling somewhere between Discharge and early Slayer (minus goofy guitar noodling, think “War Ensemble” Slayer). With 13 songs (not counting the spoken intro track), this is a varied record with songs about wartime prisoner abuse, AIDS, hurricane Katrina and more. This isn’t something you put on to simply hum along with, this is a record that will completely make you pissed if you listen to the lyrics along with the pounding music. I’m a fan of political punk and these guys push their politics in your face so bluntly that I can see anyone who thinks Bush is doing a great job being a bit miffed. Me, I think this is a brilliant record and one I’ll still be listening to when the end of the year arrives. An absolute must buy. Did I mention that it comes with a nifty lyric/photo book? Not only does the record come with one, but the CD does as well. It’s rare to get a great total package these days but these guys delivered, and then some.

Gutter Religion
[audio:/Behind Enemy Lines/08. Gutter Religion.mp3]
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American Rape Rooms
[audio:/Behind Enemy Lines/13. American Rape Rooms.mp3]
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Buy this direct from Profane Existence and visit the band on Myspace

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