April 29, 2007 Podcast

29 Apr


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Total Time: 69:00
File Size: 94.7MB

Tracks played:
01. Chaos UK – A Swindle (Radio Earslaughter)
02. Strike Out – Travis Gun Show (Embrace)
03. GBH – Diplomatic Immunity (Complete Clay Recordings)
04. The Exploited – Holiday In the Sun (Fuck the System)
05. Brother Inferior – Ralph Reed (Anthems 94-97)
06. Electric Frankenstein – Cut From the Inside (How To Make a Monster)
07. New Bomb Turks – Lone Gone Sister (Destroy Oh Boy!)
08. Rip Offs – Rip Your Heart Out (Got a Record)
09. Eddie and the Subtitles – American Society (Skeletons In the Closet)
10. The Makers – Hate Your Games (The Makers)
11. Subculture – Change Today (Sound of Long Beach and Orange County CD)
12. Smiley Kids – Pottymouth (Don’t Get Bored)
13. The Pist – Threat (Punk U.S.A. compilation)
14. Seizure – Pain Is Pain Is Pain (All Hail the Fucking System)
15. Swiz – Nine (With Dave single)
16. Adolescents – I Hate Children (The Complete Demos 1980-1986)
17. Fear – Let’s Have a War (Paradise Studio Demos)
18. Jerry’s Kidz – Insanity (Well Fed Society EP)
19. SNFU – Bodies In The Wall (And No One Else Wanted To Play)
20. Beaver – Limited Nuclear Warrior (EP)
21. Spider Babies – Gimme Some Drugs (Undressed To Kill)
22. Dischords – Amphetamine Love (Dirty Habits)
23. The Eat – Silly Drug Songs (Slowly I Turn)
24. Didjits – Judge Hot Fudge (Que Sirhan Sirhan)
25. Mystery Dates – Man In the Middle (EP)
26. Monsters – Blues For Joe (I Still Love Her single)
27. Grinderman – Depth Charge Ethel (Grinderman)
28. Halo of Flies – One Barrel Spent (Music For Insect Minds)
29. Thee Mighty Caesars – Baby Who Mutilated Everybody’s Heart (Surely They Were the Sons of God)
30. Disappointments – Better You Than Me (Beautiful Happiness compilation)

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