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Bayonettes – We’re Doomed EP

16 Apr

The Bayonettes We’re Doomed EP Deranged Records When I first listened to the Toronto band The Bayonettes I was reminded a bit of Bikini Kill, but after repeated plays I realize it’s just that singer Zoe sometimes sounds a bit like Kathleen Hanna. Other than that, their records are much better than anything the “riot […]

April 15, 2007 Podcast

15 Apr

Please note: I have switched the way I publish my podcast. This shouldn’t impact many people, but if you subscribe using iTunes you may see duplicates of some older entires. My apologies! The best URL to use if you want to keep up is This always reflects the correct URL. Download Total Time: 61:12 […]

God Bullies – Join Satan’s Army

12 Apr

Originally posted on 5/5/2005: Born in Kalamazoo Michigan, the unholy God Bullies created a racket between 1988 and 1995, doing most of the the damage on Amphetamine Reptile. Five albums and a larger amount of singles showcased their noisefest, but none did it better in my opinion than their 1990 double single “Join Satan’s Army”. […]

No Bullshit Vol. 2

12 Apr

Various Artists No Bullshit Vol. 2 No Way Records Another excellent, recent release from No Way, No Bullshit Vol. 2 features six fast hardcore tunes by Rabies, Social Circkle, Wasted Time, Brainhandle, Warkrime and Cardiac Arrest. All bands put in solid performances here, and they all stand apart from the generic hardcore vibe aside from […]

Acid Reflux – EP

09 Apr

Acid Reflux 7″ EP No Way Records Holy Christmas! I knew that the name Acid Reflux implied I’d probably be hearing a band that would be a bit less than serious, but I wasn’t expecting anything in the realm of what I heard coming out of my stereo. Fast as crap hardcore punk rock is […]

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