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Boys Club – Girls Of Today

31 May

Boys Club Girls Of Today Douchemaster The second single by Minneapolis garage rock band Boys Club is here and it’s good, good stuff. If you like your pop filtered through 1960’s garage rock bands (see almost anyone good from the Back From the Dead series), check these folks out. This would even feel at home […]

May 27, 2007 Podcast

27 May

The podcast is back to normal this week with 30 different bands. I liked picking songs for The Clash show last week, any suggestions for future podcasts? Feedback, comments or suggestions? Send me an email or leave a comment! Oh yes, I know my voice is shot this week. I sound like I’ve been screaming […]

It’s Casual

22 May

It’s Casual The New Los Angeles Friendly Hills Recording Company I love getting random CD’s sent to me that turn out to be fantastic records I might have missed out on. While this is the third release by the It’s Casual, this is the first I’ve actually heard of them. The band gets tagged with […]

May 20, 2007 Podcast

20 May

If you like The Clash you’ll probably like tonight’s podcast. If you don’t like them at all, you’ll probably think this is the worst hour you’ve wasted in a long time. Either way, instead of 30 tracks we have 20 here, all unreleased live, demo, outtake or alternate tracks from various years in The Clash’s […]

Demon Preacher – Little Miss Perfect

20 May

Originally posted on January 30th, 2006. The first recorded band to feature future Alien Sex Fiend member Nik Fiend, Demon Preacher released two singles (three if you count one released by Demons). This is their second, “Little Miss Perfect” and it’s about Joyce McKinney who was accused (was she convicted?) of kidnapping a Mormon missionary […]

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