Boys Club – Girls Of Today

31 May

Boys Club

Boys Club
Girls Of Today

The second single by Minneapolis garage rock band Boys Club is here and it’s good, good stuff. If you like your pop filtered through 1960’s garage rock bands (see almost anyone good from the Back From the Dead series), check these folks out. This would even feel at home on the first few Killed By Death records, although Boys Club might stand out as the poppier of the bands. Two tracks here, and the female backing vocals on the chorus of the a-side completely have me hooked… if you don’t have this song stuck in your head after hearing the whole thing then you might not have a musical soul. The b-side, “Are You Gonna Be My Baby” is just as good and I can’t decide which is better so I’m calling it a tie. These are two perfectly crafter pop songs that anyone who likes the word garage in their musical genre, be it pop or rock, should go buy now.

Girls Of Today
[audio:/Boys Club/01. Girls Of Today.mp3]
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Visit their Myspace page. Order the single directly through Douchemaster. They have a list of distros that carry their music there as well.

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