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Christian Club – Final Confession

15 May

Christian Club Final Confession EP Sorry State Records If there wasn’t a lyric sheet with this single I’d have no idea just how harsh this record was. With songs railing against Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christians in general, this isn’t a record to play your religious Grandmother, no matter how open minded you think she […]

May 13, 2007 Podcast

13 May

If I had thought this out more I could have worked in some songs for Mother’s Day. Ah well, what can you do? [audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 69:26 File Size: 95.3MB Songs Played: 01. Christian Club – Catholic Discipline (Final Confession EP) 02. Cardiac Arrest – Fat Lord (No Bullshit Vol. 2) 03. […]

Urban Waste, Nihilistics and More

12 May

Note: I don’t usually post press releases that are sent my way, but this has some good info for NY hardcore fans. The Urban Waste EP’s a must have if you don’t own the vinyl. I don’t get the pricing there though… it’s cheaper to buy the songs from the EP separately instead of just […]

Destroy L.A. – Vandalize EP

10 May

Destroy L.A. Vandalize EP No Way Records No Way Records has been on a roll lately with a slew of great releases. One of their latest, the six song Vandalize E.P. by DLA. is another excellent record with some killer old-school hardcore aiming to shred your ears. Every time I get a record that sounds […]

May 6, 2007 Podcast

07 May

Well, it’s one day later than usual but I’m keeping the date as Sunday so they all stay nice and orderly. Hope you enjoy this week’s “show”. [audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 64:20 File Size: 88:03 Songs Played: 01. Lights Out – Just Like You (Overload) 02. Common Enemy – One Up (T.U.I.) 03. […]

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