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Seizure Crypt

28 Jun

Seizure Crypt Hello, My Name Is… Madness 3:16 Productions Queens, NY band Seizure Crypt has put together their second album, and it’s a heavy blast of metal, rock and hardcore. With a two-vocalist attack over a loud rhythm section and capable guitarist, this is what crossover music should have been instead of the pure metal […]

Amazon Store

27 Jun

If you feel like browsing through some of my picks for must-own CDs, DVDs and books that are sold on, feel free to take a look at the Amazon store page I made. I receive a percentage of anything purchased, and anything towards the site is appreciated as always. Thanks! I’ll be adding more […]

Bad Brains

26 Jun

Bad Brains Build A Nation Megaforce When the Bad Brains reunited for the closing of CBGB’s last year, I expected maybe a mini tour at most. Now back together, they have out their first studio album since 1995’s “God of Love”. Production by Adam Yauch (he of the Beastie Boys) is decent, and this album […]

June 24, 2007 Podcast

25 Jun

Hope the new webhost is serving up speedy downloads for everyone now. If you have any problem getting the latest podcast, please contact me. Thanks to everyone who has sent positive emails letting me know that the podcast actually gets listened to, it’s appreciated. As always you can also listen to this streaming live at […]


20 Jun

Bovachevo 7 Song CD By the time I reached the third song on Bovachevo’s seven song CD I must admit that I thought “Jesus, is this all instrumental? Where are the vocals already?”. By the end of the fourth I was past that and really digging the SST vibe. After the whole thing played through […]

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