20 Jun

7 Song CD

By the time I reached the third song on Bovachevo’s seven song CD I must admit that I thought “Jesus, is this all instrumental? Where are the vocals already?”. By the end of the fourth I was past that and really digging the SST vibe. After the whole thing played through I hit repeat and listened to it. This time, knowing it was all vocal-free, I appreciated it for what it is. This is what the instrumental Black Flag songs SHOULD have sounded like. If Bl’ast! had lost their vocalist and decided to jam out an EP, this might have been the result. I hate to pigeonhole a band and say they sound like the output of a particular record label, but there isn’t a stronger comparison I could come up with. That’s not a bad thing, I didn’t listen to “In My Head” for the tired Rollins that was stumbling through yet another record, I was digging the Greg Ginn guitar and excellent rhythm section. These guys are great and I hope they keep themselves vocalist free, it’s a niche that I only now realized needs a band to fill it.

All You Have To Do Is Kill a Piano Player
[audio:/Bovachevo/02 – All You Have To Do Is Kill a Piano Player.mp3]
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Four Dollars and Eight Cents is a Useful Amount of Money
[audio:/Bovachevo/06 – Four Dollars and Eight Cents is a Useful Amount of Money.mp3]
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Visit the band on Myspace.

You can order this disc directly from the band by mailing $5 (postage paid) to:

Bovachevo c/o Liam Sullivan
5 Oberlin Street
Worcester, MA 01610

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