June 24, 2007 Podcast

25 Jun


Hope the new webhost is serving up speedy downloads for everyone now. If you have any problem getting the latest podcast, please contact me. Thanks to everyone who has sent positive emails letting me know that the podcast actually gets listened to, it’s appreciated. As always you can also listen to this streaming live at 9:00pm over at WGPR on Thursday nights. Lots of other good tunes there as well. Enjoy the show!

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Time: 58:50
File Size: 80.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Bitchy – Get That Motherfucker Out Of Here! (Black Socks and Happiness)
02. Angry Samoans – Matchstick Men (Return To Samoa)
03. The Wongs – What You Need (Reanimate My Baby)
04. Finger – Coma For $$$ (We Are Fuck You)
05. Daycare Swindlers – Donkey Punch (This Is No Way To Make a Living)
06. The Bodies – Punk Rock Prom Queen (Addicted To You)
07. Wards – Six O’clock (The World Ain’t Pretty and Neither Are We)
08. Shitdogs – Reborn (Killed By Death Volume 5)
09. The Jabbers – Don’t Talk to Me (American Standard)
10. Dirty Sweets – Teenage Jerk (Bubblegum Damaged)
11. Broken Bones – Teenage Kamikaze (F.O.A.D.)
12. Vatican Commandos – It’s So Scary (Hit Squad For God)
13. Verbal Abuse – Social Insect (Just An American Band)
14. Upright Citizens – He’s Dead (Bombs Of Peace)
15. Disorder – Life (The Complete Disorder)
16. Clorox Girls – Not My Hometown (Clorox Girls)
17. Registrators – Monkey (Rare Tracks)
18. Avengers – Open Your Eyes (Complete Recordings)
19. Briefs – C’mon Squash Me Like a Bug (Single)
20. Problematics – Teenage Kicks (The Kids All Suck)
21. Fabulous Disaster – Suck It Up (I’m a Mess)
22. MDC – Beat Somebody Up (Hey Cop! If I Had A Face Like Yours…)
23. Some Girls – Religion II (Heaven’s Pregnant Teens)
24. Jesus Christ Superfly – It’s All About You (I Don’t Wanna Be Crazy)
25. Hard-Ons – Get Away (Dickcheese)
26. Fartz – People United (Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks)
27. F-Minus – Set Up to Fall (Won’t Bleed Me/Failed Society)
28. Nobodys – I Can’t Take It (The Smell of Victory)
29.The Pagans – She’s A Cadaver (And I Gotta Have Her) (Everybody Hates You)
30. The Fixtures – Frankenstein Has Risen From The Grave, I Think (One Crisis Short of Chaos)

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