Bad Brains

26 Jun

Bad Brains

Bad Brains
Build A Nation

When the Bad Brains reunited for the closing of CBGB’s last year, I expected maybe a mini tour at most. Now back together, they have out their first studio album since 1995’s “God of Love”.
Production by Adam Yauch (he of the Beastie Boys) is decent, and this album is almost enough to forget the terrible that was “Rise” and the so-so that was “God of Love”. Some of the keyboard work sounds lifted from the Boys’ “Check Your Head”, but it fits quite well here so no complaints. Like all their records this is a mix of hardcore rock and reggae/dub. There’s a slight lean to the lighter side of things, but it’s still hard to believe these guys have the energy they show off in songs like “Universal Peace” and “Pure Love”. A recommended purchase if you’ve missed the band, but don’t expect the ROIR cassette. This is more like “Quickness” without the anti-gay bullshit that ruined that record for many. Welcome back guys!

Give Thanks and Praises
[audio:/Bad Brains/01 – Give Thanks and Praises.mp3]

Roll On
[audio:/Bad Brains/10 – Roll On.mp3]

Visit the Bad Brains on their website. Yes, they’re on Myspace too. You can buy this record from various places, including Amazon.

*Note: Since this record is put out by an RIAA-affiliated band, I am not posting tracks for download. If there’s a problem with streaming these tracks they will be removed. Since I usually stay the Hell away from anything major label, this is the first time Strange Reaction is getting involved with possible legal bullshit. Here’s hoping the label realizes that this is a review and not theft.

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