Seizure Crypt

28 Jun

Seizure Crypt

Seizure Crypt
Hello, My Name Is… Madness
3:16 Productions

Queens, NY band Seizure Crypt has put together their second album, and it’s a heavy blast of metal, rock and hardcore. With a two-vocalist attack over a loud rhythm section and capable guitarist, this is what crossover music should have been instead of the pure metal crap that bands put out in the late 80’s. Lyrically this is standard fare, with songs veering mainly into a “society is fucked” bend. Still, this is good stuff. Loud, well-played and the production by the legendary Don Fury is excellent as always. Good stuff all around.

Where the Bodies Are Buried
[audio:/Seizure Crypt/06 – Where The Bodies Are Buried.mp3]
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[audio:/Seizure Crypt/08 – Eulogy.mp3]
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Visit the band on their website. You can buy their latest for $8 bucks with free shipping directly through their site. You can also see them on Myspace.

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