July 1, 2007 Podcast

01 Jul


I’m stepping away from anything current for this week’s show, hope you like blasts from the past.

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Time: 63:00
File Size: 86.5MB

Tracks played:
01. Active Ingredients – Cancer of Hypocrisy (Bringing Down the Big Boys)
02. Society Dog – The Baby Is Dead (Off the Leash)
03. Hypnotics – S&M (Indoor Fiends)
04. Capital Scum – Final Nail In My Coffin (Clutch the Flag)
05. JFA – Rushing Bull (Mad Garden EP)
06. Zany Guys – Paperboy Blues (Party Hits 2)
07. Adrenalin O.D. – A Nice Song in the Key of D (single)
08. The Mad – The Hell (We Love Noize)
09. The Lewd – Justice/Liberty (Kill Yourself… Again)
10. The Normals – Hardcore (single)
11. Killroy – D-Generation (99 Bottles EP)
12. Negative Gain – My Old Man (Back From the Dead)
13. The Ramones – Judy is a Punk (1975 Demo)
14. Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler (single)
15. Consumers – Ballad to the Son of Sam (All My Friends Are Dead)
16. Proud Scum – Suicide (AK 79 Compilation)
17. Angelic Upstarts – I’m an Upstart (Teenage Warning)
18. Subway Sect – Chain Smoking (We Oppose Rock and Roll)
19. UXB – Over The Wall (Crazy Today)
20. Modern Warfare – Dayglow (single)
21. Cause For Alarm – True Colors (Cause For Alarm EP)
22. Stark Raving Mad – Mr. Hardcore (MX EP)
23. Double-O – There’s No Reasoning (You’ve Lost)
24. The Rejects – EEG (single)
25. Strike Under – Fucking Uniforms (Busted At Oz)
26. Los Reactors – Be a Zombie (Dead In the Suburbs)
27. Sleeping Dogs – Soldier (Beware Sleeping Dogs)
28. Gash – God Is Dead (EP)
29. No Talents – I’m So Vicious (Hello World!)
30. Nasty Facts – Drive My Car (EP)

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