July 8, 2007 Podcast

08 Jul


Back to basics this week, some old songs and some new. If you’re in a band and want to be included in future shows, feel free to send things my way. Thanks as always for any feedback given to the podcast.

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Time: 55:42
File Size: 76.4MB

Tracks played:
01. Time To Escape – Wasted Time (Demo)
02. Seizure Crypt – Where The Bodies Are Buried (Hello, My Name Is… Madness)
03. Lights Out – Level (Overload)
04. Army Of Jesus – Priest Vomits Blood (Rats In the Walls)
05. Rosemary’s Babies – I’m Gonna Be Sick (Blood Lust)
06. Harpoon Guns – Hey Man (Self-Titled)
07. B.G.K. – Arms Race (A Dutch Feast)
08. Outpatients – Balloon Head (Outpatients)
09. Guttermouth – Encyclopedia Brown (Gorgeous)
10. INDK – Sunday Bombs (Kill Whitey!)
11. Prefects – Escort Girls (Are Amateur Wankers)
12. Warsaw – Warsaw (Warsaw boot)
13. Viletones – Possibilities (Screaming Fist)
14. Eater – Thinkin’ Of The USA (single)
15. Bayonettes – Let It Go (We’re Doomed EP)
16. Tipper’s Gore – Normal By Now (First Four Months)
17. Chronic Sick – Dress Code (Cutest Band In Hardcore)
18. Urban Waste – No Hope (EP)
19. Negative Trend – Mannequin (The Pop Sessions)
20. Teengenerate – Kicked Out Of The Webelos (Get Action)
21. Bad Brains – Jah People (Build a Nation)
22. The Audio Rapists – The Ballad Of Trent Lott
23. Hour of the Wolf – Deaths Coming (Power of the Wolf)
24. Warkrime – Suburban Suicide (Give War a Chance EP)
25. Brutal Knights – Worst City (Pleasure Is All Thine)
26. Yummy Fur – Policeman (single)
27. Hatepinks – My City Is Sick Of Pizza (Tete Malade/Sick In the Head)
28. Thee Stash – We’re Selling Jeans For the USA (single)
29. The Stooges – Greedy Awful People (The Weirdness)
30. Youth Brigade – Somebody’s Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In) (Out Of Print)

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