June 15th, 2007 Podcast

15 Jul

If you downloaded this podcast before Monday at around 11:55pm, you probably have a version that is waaaay too loud. Something went wrong during my first take and I didn’t realize how distorted the final file was. This has been remedied. Download again if you want a cleaner version and download for the first time if you haven’t.


Right Click To Download

Time: 69:28
File Size: 95.3MB

Tracks played:
01. Electric Frankenstein – Action High (single)
02. New Bomb Turks – Summer Romance (Pissing Out the Poison)
03. Spitzz – Chloroform Fun (Touche’ Pussycats)
04. Zombie Squad (the undead army) – Walk the Earth
05. Cramps – Strychnine.mp3
06. Gay Cowboys In Bondage – Cuffs On My Hands (Completely Silly Discography)
07. Antler Joe and the Accidents – Dogshit (Unstable Contents compilation)
08. Reagan Youth – No Class (Punk Rock New York)
09. Dont Look In the Basement – A Bizarre Occurence In a Small Town Pub.mp3
10. Dils – You’re Not Blank (Class War)
11. Antidote – Something Must Be Done (Thou Shalt Not Kill)
12. American Dream – Government Policy (Identity Crisis)
13. Over the Edge – Television
14. M.O.T.O. – We Are The Rats (Kill M.O.T.O.)
15. Neon Christ – It’s Mine (Double single bootleg)
16. Lights Out – What Goes On (Overload)
17. Rabies – Skating’s Dead (Kill You)
18. Nihilisitcs – No Friends (single)
19. Zero Boys – Splish, Splash (The History Tape)
20. Vomit Pigs – Useless Eater (Take One EP)
21. Unsane – Can’t See (Scattered, Smoothed and Covered)
22. Lubricated Goat – In the Raw (Paddock of Love)
23. Tad – Nipple Belt (God’s Balls)
24. Helmet – Blacktop (Strap It On)
25. Spore – Fear God (Spore)
26. Articles Of Faith – Prison (Complete Vol. 1)
27. Social Unrest – Stab Me In The Back (Complete Studio Recordings Vol. 1)
28. Government Issue – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (Complete History Vol. 1)
29. Didjits – Police Truck (Virus 100, Tribute to the Dead Kennedy’s)
30. Germs – Richie Daggers Crime (MIA)

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