July 22, 2007 Podcast

23 Jul


The show this week is a bit shorter than usual due to the songs picked. 30 songs are still in the set, but those under 1 minute tracks were killer. Hope you like.

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Time: 51:28
File Size: 70.6MB

Tracks played:
01. A.G.’s – Hurt a Cop (Because a Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste)
02. Angry Samoans – Inside My Brain (Inside My Brain/Unboxed Set)
03. Acid Reflux – Oh Good There’s An Applebees (EP)
04. DDT – Girls, Girls, Girls (Brave New World EP)
05. SNFU – Strip Search (Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy)
06. Stalag 13 – Statistic (Nardcore compilation)
07. Sons Of Ishmael- Do Something Radical (Mimsy With the Borogoves)
08. Jerry’s Kidz – That’s Life (Well Fed Society)
09. Unruled – Lost Cause (single)
10. Roach Motel – My Dog’s Into Anarchy (Worstest Hits)
11. Ill Will – Paranoid (Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself compilation)
12. I.D. Under – Dead Brigade (Lords Of Nothing)
13. DI – Hang Ten In East Berlin (Ancient Artifacts)
14. Circle Jerks – All Wound Up (VI)
15. Worst – Frustration (Time Zone EP)
16. Pigs – They Say (single)
17. Black Easter – What the Fuck (Ready To Rot EP)
18. Secret Hate – Get On The Bus (Vegetables Dancing EP)
19. XKI – I hate Everything (Ain’t Too Pretty compilation)
20. Outpatients – Push-Button Warfare (Outpatients EP)
21. Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters – I Don’t Wanna Go Out (EP)
22. Filth – Nothing For Me (Don’t Hide Your Hate single)
23. Insults – Zombie Lover (single)
24. Brain Death – Sacrifice (Personal Affair EP)
25. Public Disturbance – Cripple Fucker (Public Disturbance)
26. Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer (Younger, Louder, Snottier)
27. F-Word – Out There (Shut Down EP)
28. Bollocks – R.I.P. Vicious (All Rock Stars Should Be Drafted EP)
29. Red Cross – I Hate My School (Annette’s Got the Hits EP)
30. Career Suicide – Recipe For Disaster (Attempted Suicide)

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