August 5, 2007 Podcast

05 Aug


Vacation’s over, back to the “live” show. A few new releases this week thrown in the mix. Check out the new Voids album if anything, it’s excellent. I’m going to be moving soon which is throwing off my reviewing schedule. There’s a backlog of singles sitting in a box already taped shut that I need to record and get on here as well as new releases from Dr. Strange among others. Things should be normal by the end of the month. In the meantime, the podcast is around as is Mike’s weekly review/article.

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Time: 59:50
File Size: 82.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Insurgent Kid – No Thrills (Paranoia)
02. Scurvy Dogs – Pimp (Relieve Yourself)
03. Formaldehyde Junkies – Nuke the Frats (Are a Total Wreck)
04. Strung Up – I’d Rather Be Smashing Christianity (Strung Up)
05. Voids – Disconnected (Sounds Of Failure, Sounds Of Hope)
06. Socialcide – Your Lost Cause (Sick Of Pressure)
07. Broken Talent – My Old Man (Blood Slut)
08. Scared Straight – Another Day (Born To Be Wild)
09. Terminal State – Panic Attack (Panic Attack EP)
10. Gorilla Biscuits – Sitting Around At Home (Gorilla Biscuits)
11. The Vicious – I Don’t Believe In Christ (Alienated)
12. The Eat – Catholic Love (It’s Not The Eat, It’s The Humidity)
13. Subway – Jesus Loves Me (But I Don’t Care) (Killed By Epitaph compilation)
14. Direct Control – Fake (No Bullshit Volume 1 compilation)
15. Scott Baio Army – Str8edge Drug Dealer (Join the Army)
16. JFA – Lowrider (We Know You Suck 1981 – 1983)
17. Vicious Circle – Trapped (Search For the Solution)
18. Lost Generation – Messed Up (Victim)
19. Happy World – Where Am I Going (Happy World EP)
20. Impatient Youth – Frontline (Frontline EP)
21. Riot/Clone – Don’t Give Me Your Shit (Success)
22. Oi Polloi – Scum (Total Anarchoi)
23. MFD – Last Leg (Chapter 3)
24. Child Abuse – Extra Strength Tylenol (Bring It)
25. The Plasmatics – Dream Lover (New Hope For the Wretched)
26. Icon Gallery – The Day to Day (demo)
27. It’s Casual – Impound (The New Los Angeles)
28. N.O.T.A. – Self Destruct (None Of the Above)
29. Gang Green – Another Wasted Night (Another Wasted Night)
30. The Retardos – Alcohol (The Retardos)

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