August 26, 2007 Podcast

26 Aug

Due to technical difficulties this week there will be no DJing by me, just the 30 songs I picked out played straight through. I should be back and ready to go next weekend with a new microphone. Thanks as always for tuning in! Check out WGPR for more good tunes (and this podcast played on Thursday nights).


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Time: 58:22
File Size: 80.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Destroy L.A. – Vandalize (EP)
02. Deadline – Nothing For Me (8-2-82)
03. Dogends – The Butcher (Skate, Eat, Thrash)
04. Necronazis – Panico (split with Un Final Fatal)
05. Koro – Dear Sirs (Koro EP)
06. Regulations – Survive In The City (Electric Guitar)
07. TSOL – Silent Majority (1981 demo)
08. The Untold Fables – Happy Motoring (What Stuff compilation)
09. Feederz – Terrorist (Jesus EP)
10. Battalion Of Saints – I Wanna Make You Scream (Death R Us)
11. Terminal State – Bloodstains Across Your Face (Hate the Eighties)
12. Rawmania – I Wanna Open Fire (I’m With the Boys Now, Baby)
13. Count Vertigo – X-Patriots (single)
14. Social Spit – Reagan Gun Club (Psycho Ward EP)
15. Detention – El Salvador (single)
16. Akimbo – Roman Coins (Navigating the Bronze)
17. Victorian English Gentlemens Club – Stupid As Wood (single)
18. Naked Aggression – Bitter Youth (Bitter Youth)
19. Proud Scum – I Am a Rabbit (AK79 compilation)
20. Standbys – Withdraw (EP)
21. Second Wind – Mr. Suit (Security)
22. Henrietta Collins & the Wifebeating Childhaters – Ex-Lion Tamer (Hot Animal Machine)
23. New Bomb Turks – Mr. Suit (Destroy Oh Boy!)
24. Die Kreuzen – Pink Flag (single)
25. Wire – It’s So Obvious (Pink Flag)
26. The Panics – I Wanna Kill My Mom (single)
27. Hates – Last Hymn (No Talk In the Eighties EP)
28. Overkill – Burn the School (Hell’s Getting Hotter)
29. The Scam – All By Myself (Everything Ends In Rot EP)
30. Sloppy Seconds – Leavin’ On A Jet Plane (Destroyed)

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