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September 30, 2007 Podcast

30 Sep

The file is a bit bigger this week as I went about 10 minutes over the usual hour. [audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 69:09 File Size: 94.9MB Tracks played: 01. Zero Point – Working Class Zero (Hooligans With Cheap Guitars) 02. Blanks – Break Down (Northern Ripper single) 03. Maggots – 2/2/79 (Let’s Get […]

September 23, 2007 Podcast

23 Sep

[audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 60:23 File Size: 82.9MB Tracks played: 01. The Casualties – Riot (Made In NYC) 02. Bitchy – Rip Off (Black Socks And Happiness) 03. Daycare Swindlers – Donkey Punch (This Is No Way To Make a Living) 04. Alcoholic White Trash – Everyone Thinks You’re An Idiot (I Can’t […]

September 16, 2007 Podcast

16 Sep

Nothing too new this week, the usual mix of punk/hardcore I usually throw together. As mentioned during the show, I have copies of the Pako CD to give away, just shoot me an email if you’re interested. [audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 61:42 File Size: 84.7MB Tracks played: 01. Disappointments – Loud, Drunk and […]

Stukas Over Bedrock

13 Sep

Stukas Over Bedrock Back to the Stone Age I admit it, aside from the “Life Like Yogi” EP, I hadn’t heard much from Stukas Over Bedrock. This record is a rerelease of that EP as well as other songs from sessions recorded back in 1983. I’m not usually a big fan of unreleased 80’s […]

September 9, 2007 Podcast

09 Sep

[audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 60:01 File Size: 84.8MB Tracks played: 01. Agent Orange – Bloodstains (single) 02. Middle Class – Out of Vogue (Blueprint For Joy) 03. Vains – The Loser (single) 04. Bark Hard – To Myself (Bark Hard) 05. A.N.S. – Just In Your Mind (The Pool) 06. Life Trap – […]

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