Warkrime and Life Trap

06 Sep

Yeah, yeah. I know, I’ve been pretty lax on doing my mini-reviews over pretty much the entire summer. Well, autumn’s in the air so I’m back to share a bit with recent releases either sent my way or purchased.

No Way Records has some great stuff as usual so let’s go that way, it’ll make an easy transition back to writing, they never miss.

Get Loose

I was a big fan of Warkrime’s “Give War a Chance” single that came out earlier this year, and their first long-player hits just as hard. Not only do these guys put out some of the best hardcore since the 80’s, the band’s actually really good musically. Hell, I don’t mind the instrumental which says something. They may not like me or my comparison to the 80’s (listen to “Old Punks”), but fuck them, I’m a dad AND a fan. This release is available on vinyl or CD.

Fight Me
Surburban Suicide

Life Trap
Life Trap
Bleak Reality EP

From Nashville, these guys are unbelievably fast. This 7-track EP is over before you know it, but the band’s so damned good you’ll probably just play it again making this somewhere closer to a full length release. I could easily see fans of bands like Koro loving this record.

Society’s Noose

You can buy both records directly through No Way Records, and since they’re pretty much must own records, you should.икони

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